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Nevada Community Floodplain Manager Contacts

Contact your local floodplain manager for flood related information such as current and future flood-mapping projects in your area and finding an existing Elevation Certificate for your property. NFIP Community Local Floodplain Manager Phone # Email Boulder City Jamie Curreri (702) 293-9228 [email protected] Caliente, NV Ken Dixon (775) 726-3131 [email protected] Carlin, NV Anna Penola (775) […]

Welcome to Pahrump Land Surveying

Welcome to Pahrump Land Surveying Posted on August 18, 2017 by PahrumpSurveyor Your Final Stop for ALL of Your Survey Needs!Contact us today for a free quote! This site is intended to provide you with information on Land Surveying in the Pahrump, NV and Nye County area of Nevada. If you’re looking for a Pahrump Land Surveyor, you’ve come to the right […]

Can Engineering Flood Study Help Your Neighborhood?

Can an Engineering Flood Study Help Your Neighborhood? A recent article in the Allied News in Grove City, Pennsylvania reminded me of the Engineering Flood Studies that I have completed over the years and how these have helped the neighborhoods adjacent to the streams that were studied. “FEMA says it does allow the municipalities to pay for their own […]

The Basics of Land Surveying

The Basics of Land Surveying Posted on August 11, 2015 by PahrumpSurveyor What is Land Surveying? Land Surveying dates back to ancient history. Surveying is used for multiple projects.  A survey is done to establish a specific location of a parcel of land along with its exact acreage.  It is used to ascertain boundaries for defining an area of ownership […]